Graphic Design

Etki Graphics

Graphic-designsThe design process that you will go through includes:

There are many types of graphic designs you can opt for:

  • Image-based design
  • Type-based design
  • Image and type
  • Symbols, logos and logotypes

This all depends on your needs as the customer.

For an insight on what you may need. A One to one consultation is always recommended. Which will enable us to get to know you better and indentify and agree on exactly what you are looking for and we can achieve this.


  • Increased web visibility
  • Identifiable simple business tool
  • Cheap and efficient solution for small and large businesses.

Marketing is the best tool as a business owner or individual you can drive towards to increase the visibility of your project, business or campaign.

At ETKI DESIGN we strive to achieve this with close customer relations and high quality services.


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