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our working process in 3 steps

Planning and Strategy
There are many stages in the development of any concept, and web design is not any exception.
s211This first stage involves information gathering: which is one of the most important components of the end result, as this is when a clear and concrete target is set, on exactly what you as the customer desire and need. When these goals are defined, they can be implemented. To gather information the for planning the following will be answered:
– Purpose of the website: To Provide Information, Promote a Service or Sell a Product are some of the examples
– Goals of exactly what you as the customer would like this website to accomplish: To increase revenue, share intel…
– Target Audience: It’s always good to know your audience as the design of the audience can be designed suit specific audiences.
– Content: An outline of the information which will be presented on the website it always a good guideline to exactly the of website we will end up with.

We will also discuss the features of the website, for instance if paypal, online forms, subsections are all additions which can be chosen to either have or not have on your website.

Once all this is gather we will move on to the next stage.

Design and Development

Once the initial stage of planning is completed we can focus on the look and feel of the website.
The sections which were discussed in the previous stage will start to take form here, but also decisions such as use of logos, the colour pallet will also be discussed which will help strengthen the identity of your website.

Once the design is agreed upon the first actual form of the website will be put together by the webdeveloper. In the stage there will be a lot of communication between you and the webdeveloper, to refine the finer details of the website, to satisfy your needs.

Test and Deliver

This is the point when the final details will be looked over again and the website will be exposed for a test run. The complete funtionality of forms, scripts, and any other extras will be made sure that there are no issues with compatibility.

And after this test run, the webdeveloper will give their final approval and the site will be delivered to you. All accounts that need to be set, will be finalised so you can start to add and control the content of the website itself. But just before complete transfer once all the accounts and transfers have been made a FINAL test-run will be carried out, to make sure everything runs smoothy to which you will then be given the complete control.

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aliour working process in 3 steps