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The design process that you will go through includes:

Understanding and identifying the nature of your business

Web Design Services

Web Design Services

  • Knowing the targeted market / industry
  • Understanding the potential of the image you want to achieve
  • The type of services / products offered
  • The key requirement of the website
  • Its short-term and long term objectives
  • The strategic objectives of the website

Equipped these, ETKI DESIGN will be able to create a custom website developed with a specific module that suits your business personality and the operations that you as a business carry out.

  • Increased web visibility
  • Improved efficiency of the process
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

As you may well know as a business owner or individual the requirement for each custom website and for each business is different. Thus for each website an individual plan is drawn up, which not only results in high quality service due to having a indepth insight in to exactly what you as the customer wants, BUT also providing you with the position to make the decisions and have control of exactly what you want to achieve with this website.

A company’s website is a powerful marketing tool that complements traditional marketing, while building a long term relationship with its customers.

At ETKI DESIGN we work to find the best solution for your business. We develop websites that meet the highest design and quality programming available to us and using the latest technologies to maximize the potential of an online presence

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